Ricardo Yamamoto

Ricardo Yamamoto was born in Londrina, South of Brazil, in 1974. In 1991 he moved to Japan as an immigrant and began a focus on photographic documentaries and portraits. Since then he has published and presented his work in Tokyo, Sao Paulo and New York.

Site: www.ricardoyamamoto.com

Updated December 2009

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The Hopeful Child

In 1990 Japan revised its immigration law, allowing the Brazilians of Japanese descent to work in the country. Arriving in the new land, they went through a long period of adaptation and loneliness and in many cases ended up bringing their families and building their homes in Japan.

Their children came over time—and they, also pursuing their own dreams, followed in the footsteps of their parents and became workers. In this context, one would wonder how the reality of the immigrant influences the lives of these young people and children. How does Japanese society accept them, and how do ...

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AT MID DISTANCE: Japanese-Brazilian models and the Acquired Haafu Status

Brazilian nikkeis and their families began to arrive in Japan massively in the early 90´s pulled by the dream of saving money working here for a few years and, at the same time, pushed out of Brazil because of the Brazilian economic situation back then.

Over the years these temporary workers in Japan, known as Brazilian dekassegui or nikkei burajirujin, became second-class citizens, employed to fill in the gaps of labor force in the Japanese industry and living in Brazilian ethnic enclaves around these industrial areas.

Among so many other examples, this movement is implicitly connected with what we ...

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