Terry Watada

Terry Watada is a Toronto writer with many publications to his credit including a novel, Kuroshio: the Blood of Foxes (Arsenal Press, Vancouver, 2007), four poetry collections, two manga, two histories about the Japanese Canadian Buddhist church, and a children’s biography. His latest books are The Three Pleasures (Anvil Press, Vancouver, 2017), a novel about the Japanese Canadian Resistance Movement during WWII, and Nishga Girl (HpF Press and the Toronto NAJC, 2017), an illustrated book about the friendship between Judo Jack Tasaka (a BC fisherman) and Eli Gosnell (a chief of the Nisga’a nation). He also maintains a monthly column in the Vancouver Bulletin Magazine.

Updated December 2017

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The Christmas Creep

I like Christmas. I’m not Christian but I like the holiday. I have many warm childhood memories of the season. My dad and I would always walk down to the Dairy Queen (a good mile from home) about a week before the holy day to pick out a tree, a good sturdy six-foot balsam fir. We’d carry it back; whether I held up the trunk or the top, either end had its disadvantages. The top was prickly and it took awhile for me to figure out I needed gloves, and the trunk was sticky with sap so my ...

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