Jonathan van Harmelen

Jonathan van Harmelen is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University interested in transregional history, with a particular focus on Japanese American incarceration. His MA thesis focuses on a comparative history of Japanese American incarceration and the incarceration during the Algerian War.

Updated March 2019

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Brother Theophane Walsh

In November 2018, the New York Times wrote an article highlighting the work of Father Ruskin Piedra, the priest of the church Our Lady of Perpetual Help in New York City.1 At 84, he busies himself with supporting litigation on behalf of immigrants - some from his own parish - to protect them from deportation. Amid the dreadful news of family separation and confinement of children in detention centers, Father Piedra’s work is a hopeful reminder that despite the callousness of the current administration’s policies in regard to immigrants and human rights, there are those working to help them ...

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