George Tough

George Tough has been a prospector in many parts of Canada, a high school teacher, a government executive including Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, and a consultant to Governments, First Nations and corporations on matters dealing with land and resources. Married with three adult children and two granddaughters, he lives in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  

Updated July 2016

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The Crow Creek Settlement - Part 2

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The following is the story of Bill Nakashoji’s family’s experience, as he remembers it, and from what he was told by his parents and others: Bill is only 61 years old, and would not yet have been born when the expulsion process began. Alain’s information, Ms. Michi’s letter, notes from an earlier interview with Bill’s mother, and the municipality’s 75th anniversary book provided interesting and helpful supporting detail.

Bill’s father, Masaji (Joseph) Nakashoji married Chiyoko Yamada in 1941. He was a logger, and she was a household servant, in ...

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The Crow Creek Settlement - Part 1

This story began as one of a series of narratives, for my children, about my life in the prospecting business. I wrote the tale some years ago about our encounter, as young teenagers, with the residents of Crow Creek, but so many questions remained in my mind about the settlement that I eventually decided that we must find out more. The result is this essay, which could not have been written without the aid of Bill Nakashoji and his wife Doris, and many others in the Kapuskasing-Opasatica area.

There are, of course, many other experiences related to the settlement which ...

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