Judy Hunter Teague

Judy Hunter Teague was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She never met her fraternal grandmother, Elizabeth Helen Taylor, as she died of cancer before she was born. In 2011 she rummaged through a box of old photographs and memorabilia from her family and began her journey into getting to know her ancestors. The story of her great aunt, Annie Taylor Tenning, is one of many she has uncovered.

This 72-year-old grandmother loves her iPad, soccer, sudoku, challenges, animals, discoveries, nature, and family. A trip to Scotland in 2017 with her 15 year old granddaughter ended with an emergency visit to a hospital in Iceland. Judy had a heart attack! Her survival has given her thankfulness and some new perspectives.

Updated October 2018

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A Man With Two Names

My family roots are in the British Isles, but one name in my family tree stands out: Jujiro Takenuchi. My grandma, Elizabeth Taylor—no, not the famous actress—came from a large family in Chobham, Surrey, England. Chobham is a farming community southwest of London. Grandma had many sisters, one of whom was Annie Taylor, born in 1876.

Annie came to Stonewall, Manitoba, in May 1907 with her husband, Walter Morris Oakford, and their three young children. Within three weeks of their arrival, Walter was dead! He had contracted scarlet fever on the boat. Now what was Annie to do ...

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