Shou Chen Tan

Based in LA, Shou Chen Tan is a freelance entertainment and arts writer from Singapore. He has interviewed celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Robert Pattinson, Vin Diesel, and Zac Efron. Shou Chen is also a theater practitioner and a social activist with interests in Asian American causes.

Updated February 2009

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Paul Kikuchi's IXNAY

A new generation of Japanese America is rising and playwright Paul Kikuchi represents a different breed of Asian American theatre practitioners ready to tackle head on the next era of issues. But if you’re expecting a gut-wrenching, emotionally heavy discourse on racial politics, think again.

In a climate where even the mere mention of “race” can cause bristling and defensive walls to sprout, Kikuchi’s new play IXNAY offers a hilarious satire of Asia America that disarms even the most weary.

A comedy, IXNAY tells the story of Raymond Kobayashi, an under-achieving third generation Sansei Japanese American who rejects ...

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