Barbara Takei

Barbara Takei is a Sansei from Sacramento, CA, who was raised in Detroit and attended Howard University, a historically Black college in Washington, D.C. Barbara Takei is CFO of the non-profit Tule Lake Committee. For the past decade she has researched and written about Tule Lake’s segregation history and served as an advocate and fundraiser for the Tule Lake concentration camp site.

Updated January 2012

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Thoughts on the 2009 Tule Lake Pilgrimage

“How was the pilgrimage?”

It’s a question I and other pilgrims have been asked many times since returning from the 2009 Tule Lake Pilgrimage that took place over the 4th of July weekend.

As one of the event organizers, it’s a question I have trouble answering in a sentence or two.

It was the biggest pilgrimage that our small, all-volunteer committee has organized. It was also remarkable that of the 400 pilgrims, 56 of them were 80 years of age or older; and of that group, 50 had been incarcerated in Tule Lake.

Once at Tule Lake ...

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