Kenji G. Taguma

Kenji G. Taguma, award-winning journalist, has served as the English section editor of the Nichi Bei Times since September of 1995. When the Nichi Bei Times was headed for a closure in September of 2009, he led a group of former Nichi Bei Times staff, contributing writers, community leaders and media professionals to create the Nichi Bei Foundation and pioneer the first nonprofit ethnic newspaper of its kind in the country—the Nichi Bei Weekly. He has appeared on several panels and radio and TV broadcasts speaking on issues covered in the community press and the importance of the medium, particularly its role in educating and empowering the community.

Updated August 2013 

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A ‘No Mottainai’ Incidental Environmentalist

I used to think that my mom was the cheapest person in the world. I cringed with embarrassment at the thought of taking greatly overused paper bags for my school lunch—you know, crinkled up to make the most abused dollar bill look crisp.

Then I started to realize that she just didn’t want to live beyond our means, a not-so-wealthy family of seven living in the countryside of West Sacramento. There were just too many mouths to feed in a single-income household, particularly when that single income depends on the seasonal harvest of tomatoes.

Perhaps her living through ...

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