Onassa Sun

Onassa Sun currently attends Arcadia High School and is an avid member of the creative writing community. As a writer, she strives to capture the human experience with her stories and is fascinated by how writing can touch the hearts of people she might never even meet. Travelling is an integral part of her life, as it inspired in her a deep appreciation for other cultures and taught her the importance of empathy. During her free time, she enjoys reading, doing yoga, and spending quality time with her mother.

Updated August 2020

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VII

Finding Shinyū

I am inside Marukai Market when the muffled sound of the taikos indicate the Oshogatsu Festival has begun. Several strong, clear beats slip through the door with every entrance and exit. As people settle down to observe the New Year’s celebrations, I pay for my mentsuyu and leave.

Onstage, the Nisei Week Queen and Court are preparing to throw mochi into the crowd for mochi-maki. Hisa always urged me to try and catch one with her, but—proud as I was—I refused, claiming I was too old for such things. And now, Hisa will be fifteen forever, and ...

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