Sora Hwang

Sora Hwang is the managing editor at Mochi and in her third year at Northeastern University as a journalism major and psychology minor. In addition to Mochi, she has interned at Us Weekly, Bauer Teen Group (J-14, M, and Twist magazines), Her Campus Media, The County Seat, and was the life editor of Pink & Black Magazine.

She has combined her love for fashion and writing as the executive editor of Northeastern's Fashion & Retail Society, and as a college ambassador for StyleUp, a daily e-mail service that provides an outfit inspiration and the weather forecast. When she isn't giving tours of Northeastern as a Husky Ambassador, she is competing on behalf of Northeastern University Figure Skating Club.

Although she no longer plays cello as much as she did in the past, she is an avid lover of music and loves attending concerts of all genres. When she's back home in New Jersey, she has unsuccessful (but fun) movie marathons with friends, visits New York City often, and reads the Harry Potter series again for the billionth time. 

Updated December 2013 

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The Ice Skating Shibutani Siblings Share Their Olympic Dreams

All it took was a family trip to Washington D.C. and some incredible seats at the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships to turn two single skaters into one of the top U.S. ice dance teams.

Maia and Alex Shibutani started skating at four and seven-years-old as single skaters and had, admittedly, not paid as much attention to ice dance, a discipline that combines figure skating and ballroom dancing. But when they watched the World Championships in second-row seats with their parents and grandmother, it all changed.

“We were just so impressed with their speed and power and command ...

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Rie Tsuji on Conquering the Classical World and Touring with Beyoncé

Rie Tsuji is living the life she’s always dreamed of—traveling the world playing music. Oh, and she works for Beyoncé.

To trace her journey from classically trained pianist to playing for artists like Eric Benet and Sasha Fierce, Tsuji reminisces about growing up in Japan with two musicians as parents—a mother who taught piano at Yamaha Music School and a father who played violin as a hobby.

“The piano was there, so I didn’t even have to ask my parents,” Tsuji says of her first attempt at the ivories as a 4-year-old. From the very beginning ...

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