Etevaldo Alves de Siqueira Junior

Born in the state of Maranhão, Siqueira is Brazilian and descendant of fourth-generation Italians on his mother’s side. He is a geographer (Federal University of Maranhão-UFMA) and dedicates much of his research on the subject of Japanese immigration in Maranhão. He is the author of the book Japanese Immigration in Maranhão: A Journey of 55 years.

Updated December 2016

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Memory, Space, and Identity: The Experience of Japanese Immigrants in Maranhão

Japanese immigration reached almost the entire Brazilian territory, much of it due to the demand for land for the cultivation of horticultural crops in general. Consequently spreading its culture intertwining with the customs and traditions that Brazil has. All this at the cost of much suffering, due to the adaptation to the Brazilian style, which was a problematic and traumatic experience for the Japanese.

Japanese immigrants saw a new chance to change their lives after the problems of World War II. Much of this is due to the opportunity that the Japanese have obtained in Brazilian territory, fleeing from a ...

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