Candice Shikai

Candice Shikai is currently a fourth year undergraduate at UCLA and Director of the Asian Pacific Coalition. The Asian Pacific Coalition is a coalition of 21 different Asian American and Pacific Islander student organizations on campus, and works to promote advocacy and activism within those communities. The coalition also addresses cultural, social, educational, and various political issues according to the needs of communities and of students. As a second year APC staffer, she helped start up the Count Me In Campaign to disaggregate AAPI UC data back in March 2007, and saw it to completion in November 2007. Candice is also involved with the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum and Kyodo Taiko at UCLA.

Updated March 2008

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Japanese American Women and Activism within the JA Community: Redress, Reparations, and Gender

When the Issei arrived in the United States, they knew there was a good chance they would not be readily accepted by white society unless perhaps they were able to prove themselves worthy and useful. So in order to be able to achieve full assimilation into American society, the Issei adopted American ways and eagerly succumbed to American demands.

Part of this obedience to the “American way of life” was manifested in the gender roles that played out. As a result, Japanese American women were groomed for a life of domesticity. These roles continued into future generations, and subsequently into ...

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