Parry Shen

Parry Shen has been professionally acting for 13 years, credits include: “Better Luck Tomorrow”, “Hatchet”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Criminal Minds” and is the managing editor of “Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology”, currently in bookstores everywhere.

Updated May 2009

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The Making of a 'Secret Identity'

During the ‘06 pilot season, I auditioned for a series regular character for a major TV network:

    “Qua is the office I.T. guy. Nerdy and can access information with lightening speed.
    He is shy and clearly infatuated with Margaret.”

Little did I know but I would audition for this “guy” over the next two months. Different name. Different show. Where the character was always adept at something technical but sexually inept like a Ken Doll once a woman walked by.

I wanted to read for the Rookie Cop, the ER Resident, the new political hotshot on Capitol Hill but ...

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