Natalie Mariko Sheldrake

Natalie Mariko Sheldrake was born in Geneva, Switzerland and moved to Canada at age 2. She is a Sansei of Japanese and English descent. She works as a Compensation Manager for an International Retail Company in Mississauga, Ontario and currently resides in Brampton, Ontario. Natalie graduated from York University (Toronto), in 2001, with a degree in Philosophy.

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A Sansei's Memory of Ojiichan: Matsunosuke Shibuya

My name is Natalie Mariko Sheldrake. I am a Sansei of Japanese and English descent. My family has recently come across an autobiography that was written by my grandfather (Ojiichan) and we it had translated into English so that we could all read it.

Matsunosuke Shibuya’s autobiography immediately made me want to find out more about my grandparents’ lives and more about Japanese-Canadian history, as this is something that I think should be talked about more and certainly not forgotten.

My mother, Betty (nee Tatsumi Betty Shibuya), 63 years old, was born in the internment camp at Tashme, British ...

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