Katrina Senn

Katrina Senn, 21, is currently a senior at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. A bi-lingual French and English speaker, Katrina is an Asian Studies major studying Japanese language and culture. As a student, she studied abroad for one year at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, where she plans to return next year on the JET Program.

Updated May 2010

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles - 2010

A Lasting Commitment: Rafu Bussan Inc.

It is hard to miss this wonderful gem of Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo District. With its big orange sign shaped like a fan and wide storefront windows to match, Rafu Bussan Inc. stands out as a landmark in the neighborhood. The front window displays a wide collection of Japanese import products—from books, to dolls, ceramics, chopsticks, earthenware, and vases—a selection which exemplifies the diversity of this 7,000 square foot store at the heart of Little Tokyo.

Rafu Bussan holds one of the longest histories in the Little Tokyo community, and has been a fixture there for ...

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