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American Mishima is the creative work of Louis Edward Rosas, author of Ichiro Dreams In Color, The Solider and the Samurai, and the American Mishima Blog.

Updated December 2013 

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Uncovering the Past

As I go through my father’s things in the aftermath of his death, I came across a small book “Oxnard: 1941-2004 (Images of America)” about the town we had lived in during the 1970s, that town being Oxnard, California. So what is so special about Oxnard in relation to American Mishima? Aside from it being the birthplace of our illustrated book Ichiro Dreams In Color, it was the home to a thriving Japanese American community before World War II and remains such today. But as most people know, what happened during the war left a big mark on this ...

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An American Mishima: The Soldier and the Samurai

The year was 1965. Twenty years had passed since the end of the catastrophic war that left much of Japan reduced to ashes. Since that time, Japan had rebuilt with modern industries and towering metropolises. There, in a darkly lit room with gray carpet stood Soji Nishida now 40 years of age looking out his Tokyo hotel room window marveling at the cityscape lining the rainy afternoon sky. It reminded him much of his boyhood home before the war back in Seattle. Oh how he wished he could see Mt. Fuji! The thought of his grandfather peeking out of the ...

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