Linda Kawamoto Reid

As a Hapa Sansei, Linda’s interest in Nikkei history was tweaked with the renaissance of Japanese Canadian history and centenary in 1977 of the first Japanese Canadian immigrant’s arrival to Canada. Since then, while researching and writing family history and taking the odd trip to Japan for fun, Linda has discovered Nikkei history and genealogy to be a passion. She has been the research archivist for the Nikkei National Museum for 10 years and has been involved in multiple exciting projects that have furthered the purpose of the museum.

Updated December 2016

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Memories of Itoko Imada

Itoko Nishida, who lived from 1891 to 1987, was originally from Hiroshima-ken before she left Japan to become a picture bride to Kaichi Imada, who was living and working in Vancouver. The Nishida and Imada families lived about 2.4 miles apart in Hiroshima, so when the proxy marriage was complete on October 20, 1910, Itoko was required by tradition to live with her in-laws, Heitaro and Hisa Imada, in the next town.

I thought I would like to go at least once to a foreign land, and insisted. My mother finally relented and gave her permission. It was necessary ...

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