Albert Quach

Albert Quach is a mixed Asian American and undergraduate at UCLA. His major is Psychology and will be graduating in June, 2012. He served the Nikkei Student Union as Internal Vice President during his junior year, and he is currently on the Asian Pacific Coalition staff as Assistant Director of Internal Affairs.

“From my experience interacting with various student organizations, especially from a coalition perspective, I have come to understand the importance of the ability to progress a community through empowering individuals.”

Updated June 2012 

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The JA Legacy: From the Perspective of a Shin-Nisei College Activist


What was the first thought that came to mind when you read that word?

For many of us, the word legacy evokes a deep feeling of power and history. It is something that many of us reflect upon in the present and aspire to create anew. Being an undergraduate at UCLA and a part of the Nikkei Student Union (NSU), I have come to glimpse a small portion of our history, our struggles, and our shared experiences. I say glimpse because compared to many of you who have experience in our community, I am very much a novice. However ...

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