Pomai was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. He currently resides and works in Honolulu. His favorite cuisine is Japanese and Pacific/Hawaii Regional, but he blogs about all the flavors of Hawaii. His blog, The Tasty Island, is at http://tastyisland.wordpress.com.

Updated May 2008

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The Best Poke in Honolulu is at Ono Seafood

It’s true. The best. That’s their slogan, and I agree!

Most places that sell poke usually have it made in advance in large service pans on display in refrigerator cases, deli style. The problem with this is, if you don’t get there early when it was just made, after hours of sitting, the salt and/or shoyu in the marinade tends to eventually “cook” the delicate raw fish, causing it to stiffen and lose that buttery texture. The onions get soggy too. Eventually, the moisture in the fish escapes and makes the marinade watery, and just overall ...

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