Oscar Madrigal

A one-time student of the Watts Towers Arts Center, Oscar has spent a career working in the nonprofit sector, being driven by a desire to help people and serve his community. A graduate of UCLA with a degree in English, Oscar has put his writing talents to use in technical writing, grant reports, and proposals. For the past three years Oscar has been a stay at home father of two boys with Autism, growing and learning about the disorder and how to be a parent to children with autism, discovering how to advocate for them and acquiring the knowledge to navigate the many hurdles and bureaucracies that that befall parents of children with Autism. Oscar is now currently pursuing a career in special education, where he can use his experience as a parent to help more students with compassion, understanding and dedication. Oscar’s writing has been published in literary journals, college newspapers, and technical reports. Oscar lives in South Los Angeles.

Updated July 2014 

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Nikkei Chronicles #3 — Nikkei Names: Taro, John, Juan, João?

Here’s My Name

My mother wanted to name me Nicolas, after her father. He died when she was still very young. My father was against it. He didn’t want any of the kids named after anyone in the family. He wanted all of us to have our own names. Being, that my dad is a junior, I’m sure the pressure of being named and following in grandfather’s footsteps must have weighed heavily on him.

My grandfather had been a Bracero during World War II, and he became a landowner. He was well loved in the town my dad was born ...

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