Hiroshi Onishi

Born in 1955 in Kagawa prefecture, Japan. Graduate of Waseda University’s Political Science & Economics Department with a B.A. in Political Science. Coursework completed (sans degree) at Waseda University for the M.A. program in Political Science and the Ph.D. program in Japanese Political History. Currently teaches at Ferris University as a Professor for the Faculty of Global and Inter-cultural Studies. He has also served as Associate Fellow for the Institute for Research on Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs; Representative of the Foreign Social Research Group at the Yokohama Municipal Historical Archives; Yokosuka City History Committee member; and has been involved with many other regional history preservation activities.

Major publications he authored include: “Studies in the Political History of Yokohama: Political Parties and Bureaucracy in a Modern City” (Yurindō, 2004); co-authored “Sagami Bay Landing Operation” (Yurindō, 1995); edited “Izawa Takio and Modern Japan” (Fuyō-Shobō, 2003); co-edited “A Political History of Greater Tokyo in the 1920s and 1930s” (Nihonkeizaihyōronsha, 2002) and “Seven Stories about Yokohama: History and the World as Seen from Our Region” (Ferris University Press, 2007), among others. He has contributed to several municipal works of history as well, such as “History of Yokohama II” and “History of Yokosuka City.”

Updated November 2013 

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Yokohama and California – Searching for Artifacts of Contemporary History - Part 2

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The Mother and Daughter: Life between Japan and US

The military personnel were not the only people who came to Yokohama during the occupation period. Eunice Sato (nee: Noda), who currently resides in Long Beach, CA and was born in Livingston, CA in 1921, talked about her family’s international activities. Eunice’s father left a failed silk farming business in Shizuoka, while her mother came from Yokohama to San Francisco as a picture bride. Eunice’s family ran an agricultural business in Yamato Colony of California, but moved to Colorado, Michigan, and Washington D.C. after ...

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Yokohama and California – Searching for Artifacts of Contemporary History - Part 1

California and Yokohama 

Yokohama has a deep relationship with the United States of America, thanks to the contributions from Matthew C. Perry and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. The relationship is especially strong with the cities of U.S. West Coast because of the direct route across the Pacific Ocean used by many people. During the eight months spanning from July 2011 until March 2012 I stayed in Los Angeles, where I was able to listen to lesser-known anecdotes told by several Americans who made an impact on Yokohama during the World War II era. California has a rich ...

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横浜山手には明治期以来、いくつものインターナショナルスクールがある。あるいはあった。日本最古といわれるサンモール(St. Maur、創立1872年、山手83)、横浜インターナショナル(YIS、1924年、同258)、惜しまれながら2000年廃校になったセントジョセフカレッジ(SJCのちSJIS、1901年、同43)などのスクールである。



昨年2月下旬、カリフォルニア州北部のカーメルを観光で友人たちと歩いていたときのことである ...

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