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Matthew O’Mara is Managing Editor of Nikkei Voice. He enjoys writing about Japanese culture, arts, and video games, but his real passion is journalism.

Matthew is a journalism graduate from Ryerson University’s journalism program and a freelance columnist for the National Post’s Post Arcade, a section dedicated to video game news, reviews, and features. You can email him for an inquiries or comments at:

Updated December 2013

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The Man Behind The Masa, An Interview With Japanizi: Going Going Gong's Mark Hashimoto

Without the black suit, thick-rimmed glasses, and imposing posture, you could barely recognize Judge Masa from Japanizi: Going Going Gong.

Soft-spoken and reserved, Mark Masayuki Hashimoto, Masa’s real-world alter ego, seems to be the exact opposite of his character on the television show. But after watching one episode you can see how convincing he is as the show’s high-energy judge.

Loud and commanding, Judge Masa lets contestants on the game show know if what they are doing is good by yelling out Okay! or Dame! meaning bad, though sometimes Mark worries about being too intense.

“Sometimes when I ...

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Japanizi Going Going Gong! Bringing Japanese Game Shows to North American youngsters

You’re blindfolded, about 9-years-old, and being wheeled onto the studio floor of a mysterious game show.

The producers interviewed you and you had a chance to ask them a few questions, but you left knowing that this is, “The best game show ever made.”

With that in your mind, your blindfold is lifted and you’re greeted by this:

Japanizi Going Going Gong! Video >>

“Their expressions are priceless,” says Matt Hornburg, co-CEO and executive producer at marblemedia, in an interview with Nikkei Voice.

“You can just imagine a group of kids who are blindfolded and have been told they ...

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