Bobby Okinaka

Bobby Okinaka is the Web Editor for Discover Nikkei. He grew up on military bases around the world but now calls Los Angeles home. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in East Asian Studies, he taught English in Wakayama, Japan for three years. In his spare time, he produces an online Asian American talk show called Fresh Off the Box and another site on Japanese fashion and pop culture called Tokyo a la Mode.

Updated December 2007

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Bridging the Gap in Los Angeles’ Nikkei Cultural Identity

Los Angeles has long been a gateway between Japan and the United States. It started over one hundred years ago when the first Issei landed on the California coast in search of better opportunities and continues today with Japanese businessmen and their families flying into LAX.

The recent Japan Expo, now in its 28th year, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center is a prime example of the transmission of Japanese culture. Visitors enjoyed a wide variety of booths offering traditional and modern Japanese arts and crafts on display. There were vendors who offered gifts, housewares and other unique Japanese ...

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