Naomi Noiri

Naomi Noiri is an Associate Professor of Sociology, Center for Migration Studies at the University of the Ryukyus. Her specialty is Comparative Sociology. Her current research interests are Amerasian, Nikkei, and foreigners in Okinawa. She is also researching about Amerasian in Hawaii and Uchinanchu identity.

Updated March 2008

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The Okinawan Network and the Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival: Identity, Uniqueness of Hawaii and Gender of Uchina Networking


In this report, I first would like to discuss the final result of the survey we conducted with the participants of the 4th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival. Firstly, I discuss how they evaluated the festival. Secondly, I differentiated between participants from Hawaii and women participants as important categories among participants. With regard to the Okinawan network of Hawaii, I introduce the concept of “self-sufficient network” as a hypothesis. Then I will write on the prospects of a worldwide Okinawan network, reflect on the comments of the survey. Finally I will note the basic attributes of subjects who cooperated to answer ...

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