Janice E. Noguchi

Janice E. Noguchi, the daughter of Harry Haruki and Matsuko Nancy Noguchi of Sacramento, is an accounting major at San Francisco State University.

Updated October 1985

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Kenjin-Kai: Overlooked in Nikkei History - Part 2 of 2

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In 1942, the Sacramento Hiroshima Kenjin-kai dissolved as members were separated and sent to different concentration camps.  Kenjin-kai members didn’t regroup until after World War II. 


In 1946, the year in which the first post-war meeting was held, virtually all the previous members came back to Sacramento and tried to pick up where the kenjin-kai left off before the war. 


The Hiroshima Kenjin-kai continued to offer the same types of assistance to members as it did prior to the war with a couple of minor changes that had evolved with the growing organization.


For example, more specific ...

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Kenjin-Kai: Overlooked in Nikkei History - Part 1 of 2

In researching kenjin-kai, I was appalled at the lack of interest demonstrated by the majority of authors of Japanese American historical literature who never elaborated on the significant role kenjin-kai have played in the past. 

Having taken a back seat to other Japanese American organizations—the JACL, for example—the kenjin-kai have not received the recognition deserved for the innumerable ways in which they have touched Issei and Nisei lives. 

In my research, I discovered that many records of past kenjin-kai were either not available or not kept (kenjin-kai relied heavily on the trust and loyalty of their members, so ...

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