Karen “Nish” Nishimura

Karen “Nish” Nishimura is a Sansei from Los Angeles and an independent writer and branded entertainment producer. She has led the production of successful digital advertising campaigns and promotions for Disney Online, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Mattel, and CBS. Nish’s first published book, You’ve Heard These Hands is the biography of Don Randi who was a member of the Wrecking Crew studio musicians and owner of The Baked Potato jazz club in Los Angeles. For articles and other published work from Nish, check out her blog: nishsniche.com.

Updated September 2016

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Don’t Call Me Prisoner, My Name is Richard - Part 2

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In the early days at Manzanar, before most of the internees arrived, there weren’t many internees or military personnel in the camp trained in medicine. There may have been a couple of women who were nurses that arrived there first, but if someone got sick or injured in camp they had to improvise to help the sick and injured. Often there weren’t enough medical supplies or the right kind of supplies for the treatment.

Richard remembers a guy who had a severe toothache, but there wasn’t a dentist at the camp yet. The man ...

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Don’t Call Me Prisoner, My Name is Richard - Part 1

Living an American Life

My father, Richard Shigeru Nishimura, was born in Los Angeles in 1922 and celebrated his 94th birthday this year. He shares his memories and feelings much more these days with friends and family, but the most moving and emotional stories he tells are about his detention at Manzanar. My dad is speaking his truth with even more depth and feeling now, compared to when he used to tell me about this part of our family’s history when I was young. Richard Nishimura has a lot of important things to tell everyone about our history and ...

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