Masato Ninomiya

Masato Ninomiya is a practicing attorney in São Paulo. He is also a Doctor-Professor of the University of São Paulo Law School, Visiting Professor at the University of Tokyo Law School, President of the CIATE - Information and Support Center for Workers Abroad, and First Vice-President of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture and Social Welfare.

Updated April 2010

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In Memory of Mr. Teiji Yagi

While making my customary visit to Japan as a university lecturer, I was shocked to find Mr. Teiji Yagi's name in the obituary section of the newspaper. After retiring from his position as Vice-Grand Chamberlain, he had continued to serve under the Japanese Emperor for many years. Having received a holiday card from him as recently as last year, I never could have imagined that his passing would come so suddenly. He was 81 years old.

I attended his funeral on December 12th at the Aizenin Kaikan in Tokyo's Nerima Ward. His photo was placed on the altar ...

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The Multiple Identities of the Nikkei Community

The Dynamic Life of Migrants Between Brazil and Japan

The year 2008 has been characterized by celebrations of the centenary of Japanese immigration to Brazil and as the Year of the Brazil-Japan Exchange. The media in both countries have widely divulged the various events, but we can affirm that the Brazilian press has taken advantage of the occasion to divulge not only centenary-related stories but also to present stories about elements of Japanese culture of interest to Brazilians. Additionally, numerous books have been published on the subject.

If on the one hand a strong human bond was formed between the two countries through immigrants and their descendants up to ...

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