Freedom Nguyen

Freedom Nguyen is a Vietnamese American writer and political food blogger with He is fascinated when food becomes socio-political capital and explores how food takes on a transnational identity as people become more and more connected. His writing hopes to challenge the idea of “us” and to defy the notion of “other” within the context of cuisine.

Updated February 2018

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Food of the Incarcerated: Internment & Resistance

Imagine the president signs an order incarcerating not just you, but your entire family: your kids, parents, aunts, uncles, and everyone related to you. Bank accounts are frozen, curfews are enforced, and your home is subject to searches without due process, reason, or warrant. You’re ordered to move to a military installation where your fate is unknown.

This isn’t hypothetical. It happened. My wife’s father and her grandparents were forced to give up their farm, their home, and most of their personal possessions to go live in a horse stall at a race track in San Bruno ...

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