Arlene Nakamura

Arlene Nakamura is a retired elementary school teacher. She was recently installed as the first female president of Nanka Yamaguchi Kenjinkai. Her hope is that the kenjinkai can provide activities that will engage future generations into learning more about their roots so they can share in our rich history and tradition.

Updated March 2009

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My Involvement in the Kenjinkai

I had my eye on the prize…a cute white wicker purse with bright red plastic cherries decorating the top. So, on that summer afternoon over 50 years ago, I coaxed my mom into running the 3-legged race with me at the Yamaguchi Kenjinkai Picnic.

My Nisei parents, along with our extended family and many friends, always planned early for this annual outing. My mom would make the sushi (both futomaki and inari) and the macaroni salad. Auntie Mary would make the chow mein. Yamane-san would make the onishime. And so it went down the line with every adult member ...

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