Mako Nakagawa

Retired educator with the Seattle Public Schools where she worked as a teacher, as a program manager of the popular multicultural program known as the Rainbow Program, an elementary school principal, then went on to the state educational agency, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction as the administrator of multicultural education.  She left that agency to begin her own business called Mako & Associates offering consulting services to businesses, governmental agencies and educational entities on diversity matters and on the Japanese American incarceration experience during WW II. 

Updated October 2010

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Power of Words (POW) Resolution – Three Months Later…

It has been over three months since the National Council of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) passed the Power of Words resolution at the July 2010 National Convention in Chicago.  It was amazing to have 80 chapters voting for the resolution with only two chapters voting against. 

As a devoted proponent of the Power of Words proposal from its inception to the day it passed the National Council, I was absolutely delighted. Clearly, the movement to make our language more accurate and true to what really happened to the Nikkei people during WW II has gained momentum over the ...

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