Jan Morrill

Jan Morrill was born and (mostly) raised in California. Her mother, a Buddhist Japanese American, was an internee at Tule Lake and Topaz during World War II. Her father, a Southern Baptist redhead of Irish descent, retired from the Air Force. Jan’s award-winning historical fiction, The Red Kimono, and other short stories and memoir essays reflect growing up in a multicultural, multi-religious, multi-political background.

While working on the sequel to The Red Kimono, Jan enjoys conducting workshops on writing and speaking about the history of the Japanese American internment. For more information, please visit Jan’s website at www.janmorrill.com.

Updated June 2015

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest II

Floating Home

Life is a river 
Shall I fight the current or 
Let go and float home

Papa removed his hat and leaned into the cab window. “Can you take us to First and San Pedro?” he asked.

“Sure. Get in.” The cab driver snuffed his cigarette in the ashtray before getting out to open the trunk. Papa tossed in our suitcases, then took the front seat. Mama and I scooted into the back.

“Why didn’t Papa give him the address to our house?” I whispered.

She put her finger to her mouth. “Shhh!”

She’d been doing that a lot ...

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