Sodo Mori

Dr. Sodo Mori is a renowned scholar of Indian philosophy and Buddhist studies. He had been a professor at Aichi Gakuin University. 

Updated 2011 

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The Legacy of Heart Mountain - Part 2

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Identifying the Copier 

If we were to imagine the copier and burier of the Lotus Sutra Stone Scripture based on the results of the examination described earlier, the person would be a detainee, conversant with the Lotus Sutra, skillful in coping and burying Buddhist scriptures, and an able calligrapher (it is actually quite artful work).

A single likely candidate emerged from a search of articles appearing in the Heart Mountain Sentinel: the Rev. Nichikan Murakita, a detained missionary in the Nichiren lineage (more precisely, a Honmon School of Hokkeshu). A leader of the Heart Mountain Buddhist Association ...

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The Legacy of Heart Mountain - Part 1


The Los Angeles “Little Tokyo” neighborhood, built by Japanese immigrants before WWII, is home to the Japanese American National Museum. Founded in 1985, this stately museum, consisting of an old and a new building, houses a variety of collections that document the history of Japanese Americans. Among the 20,000 stored items, 40,000 pictures, 150,000 linear feet of film, etc., is the collection of over 600 small stones that forms the subject of this paper.

The stones, in various shapes, sizes (several centimeters in diameter), and qualities, each with a brush-written Sino-Japanese character on its surface, together ...

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