Darryl Mori

Darryl Mori is a writer based in Los Angeles, specializing in the arts and the nonprofit sector. A Sansei and a native of Southern California, he has written for UCLA and the Japanese American National Museum, where he serves as a volunteer. He currently works in fundraising and external relations for Art Center College of Design.

Updated December 2012

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Stories from Little Tokyo: The Woman in the Picture

A chance encounter in the Japanese American National Museum’s store led to a surprising discovery.

Penny Akemi Sakoda was visiting the Museum with relatives and friends, when her daughter noticed a picture on the cover of a music CD, Festival Time in Japan.

Astonished, Sakoda’s daughter turned to her and said, “Mom, this is you!”

The image was a photograph, taken 47 years earlier, when Sakoda was crowned as Los Angeles’ 1960 Nisei Week Queen.

Festival Time in Japan, an album featuring music from the 1950s and 1960s, was originally an LP record, Sakoda says. “I knew my ...

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Ronin Rabbit: Stan Sakai’s Amazing Usagi Yojimbo

"To make a living in any of the arts is difficult—whether it be acting, writing, painting, music, or, in my case, cartooning," says Stan Sakai, creator of the wildly popular Usagi Yojimbo comic book series. "Parents, of course, want the best for their children, and a traditional job is the safest way to earn a living. However, I really wanted to get into writing and drawing, and my parents supported my decision, but with reservations."

"What really turned them around was my first booksigning in Hawaii," says Sakai. "My dad went over to the store, but it was so ...

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On a Roll: The Global Business of Sushi

A piece of raw fish sitting on a small ball of rice.

At first glance, it seems an unlikely tool for understanding the complex dynamics of global economics.

But as author and journalist Sasha Issenberg discovered, a look at the business behind sushi reveals an intricate web of cultures, industries and money. Sushi, says Issenberg, provides a compelling view of how dramatically the world is changing.

Issenberg’s new book, The Sushi Economy: Globalization and the Making of a Modern Delicacy, explores the world of sushi—and its reflections of the world at large. The author spent two years working ...

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Baseball in the Camps: Behind the Scenes of "American Pastime"

“I really feel the power of our film is with an audience,” says Kerry Yo Nakagawa, associate producer of the new film American Pastime. “It has been amazing to sit with audiences and take the emotional roller coaster of a ride and hear the laughter, feel the tension and experience the sobbing and crying.”


For Nakagawa and others who worked on the project, making the film has been a deeply personal journey.

“Five years ago American Pastime was just an idea that came while our producer Barry Rosenbush was driving on the 405 Freeway while hearing me on a radio ...

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The Extraordinary Journey of Shigeo Takayama

“Now I stand in the twilight of my life,” Shigeo Takayama writes, in the introduction to his book. “It is time that I collect all the footprints on the path that I have walked these past eighty-eight years, and leave them in the form of writing.”


Originally intended as a deeply personal oral history to share with his sons, who are more fluent in English than in Japanese, Takayama’s My Life: Living in Two Cultures releases a torrent of memories, saved for years until Takayama reached the right moment to share them.

Spanning nearly 90 years and illustrated with ...

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