Nobuko Miyamoto

Nobuko Miyamoto is Artistic Director of Great Leap, a community-based arts organization that has been producing music, theater and dance works since 1978. Nobuko has composed several Obon pieces over the years, including the popular, “Mottainai.”  You can catch her EcoVids, a series of fun, informative environmental music videos on Youtube at greatleap78.     

Updated January 2015

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The Evolution of FandangObon

FandangObon is a project that brings together the Japanese, Mexican, and African-American communities into one circle to share participatory music and dance traditions in order to celebrate mother earth. During the year, we do a series of workshops around Southern California to expose communities to different cultural spaces, share practices, and explore traditional expressions about the environment. These activities culminate in mid-October, with a large celebration at the JACCC Noguchi Plaza.

The crazy idea of bringing Fandango and Obon together began in 2012, when Quetzal Flores invited me to a Fandango class that he and his partner, Martha Gonzalez were ...

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