Lauren Miyamoto

Lauren Miyamoto is a recent graduate of New York University majoring in Anthropology, with a double minor in Asian/Pacific/American Studies and Spanish. She is heavily involved in Kappa Phi Lambda, an Asian Interest Sorority. A native Southern-Californian, she enjoys baking, basketball, traveling, and playing with little kids and animals.

Updated June 2008

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The Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York: Teaching and preserving the dance of traditional Japan

The Japanese folk performing art tradition, minzoku geinô, includes the dramas, dances, and music that are at the center of the local festivals and traditional events throughout Japan.

There has been a fair amount of research in the post-World War II era on the evolution of the folk tradition in modern Japanese culture, particularly since this minzoku geinô label has become increasingly legalized and centered on the Cultural Properties Protection Law. The law, passed in 1950, provides a design for the preservation of many traditional practices considered the essence of the Japanese culture. The adaptation of many of these folk ...

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