David Minguez

David Minguez was born and raised in Los Angeles County, and is a junior at Occidental College majoring in Asian Studies. Outside of class David is a part of the Occidental track and field team as a pole vaulter, 400 hurdler, long jumper, and Javelin thrower. David is also an avid food lover and in his free time enjoys cooking and eating.

Updated May 2010

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles - 2010

Frying Fish: In for the Long Haul

As a young man, Sadahiko Akimoto met his wife Yuko when she emigrated from Japan to the U.S. after college because his mother and uncle told him that Yuko was the one he should marry. Once married, Yuko Akimoto experienced a difficult cultural adjustment, and became frustrated with feeling foreign in her new home. When the time came to start a business, Sadahiko and Yuko turned to Japanese food distribution, and started a ramen business, which was sold after only 6 months due to a lack of customers. Next, they turned to sushi, starting up Frying Fish in 1984 ...

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