Alyctra Matsushita

My name is Alyctra Matsushita. I'm going to be a fourth year at the University of California, Santa Barbara, finishing with a double major in English and Asian American Studies.  I enjoy reading, creative writing, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and tanning at the beach.

Updated August 2011

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Dancing for Dango

As a child, Little Tokyo was my stomping grounds. My mom was a member of the Little Tokyo Library, and it felt like every other weekend we made the hot car ride into LA just so I could sit in the back of her meetings with my coloring books. After the meetings, my brother and I loved playing on the huge two-rock sculpture in front of the JACCC. We frequented the JANM, visiting the Children’s Courtyard so we could see our names in the stone. But as we grew older and our schedules grew busier, the family visits in ...

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