David Tatsuo Llewellyn

David Tatsuo Llewellyn is doing his best to live out the values that were instilled in him by his mother, Yuki. She always stressed treating everyone fairly, giving everyone grace, and enhancing the lives of those around you. To help in this quest, David has surrounded himself with his loving family. Wife Mandy, daughter Madison, and sons Stu and Duncan, all are living out Yuki’s vision together in Columbia, Missouri.

Updated July 2020

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Yuki Okinaga Hayakawa Llewellyn: A Life Beyond the Iconic World War II Photo

Walk into the Manzanar National Historic Site today in California’s Owens Valley and a large photo of a little girl sitting on a suitcase is one of the first things seen. People stop transfixed by this iconic image and ask the staff “Who is that little girl? Whatever happened to her?” That little girl grew up to be Yukiko Okinaga Hayakawa Llewellyn.

The photograph was taken by Clem Albers in March of 1942 at Union Station in Los Angeles. Yuki and her mother Mikiko Hayakawa were being transferred from the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, California, where horse ...

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