Natalie Ume Liverant

Natalie Ume Liverant, a third generation Japanese American, received her bachelors of arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Illinois in 2007. She currently works for the University's non-profit company, the Public Service Archaeology and Architecture Program, as a field and lab technician. Natalie started judo when she was eight years old and currently holds the rank of shodan (first degree blackbelt). She currently resides in Schaumburg, IL with her mother and sister.

Updated July 2008

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Voices of Chicago

Learning to Fall

Like returning home after a long journey, stepping onto the tatami at the dojo is one of the most relaxing moments I look forward to after a long day of work. A wave of excitement builds as I change into my gi, enter the dojo, slip off my zori (flip flops), step onto the mat, and bow as I enter. At this moment, it’s as if all the troubles of the day disappear and what is left is a mind that is clear, calm, and ready to learn.

As we begin warm ups, a surge of energy pulses through ...

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