Alexander LaRose

Alexander LaRose is a sophomore Economics major at Occidental College, who is also pursuing a minor in Asian Studies. Last summer he completed a research project on the Japanese economic crisis of the 1980's and 1990's under the guidance of Occidental professor Dr. Morgan Pitelka. Alexander's academic interests lie in both economics and history. Studying the confluence of economic and historical events is of particular interest to him.

Updated May 2010

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles - 2010

America’s First Ramen Noodle Restaurant is Los Angeles’ Best Midnight Snack

Koraku Japanese Restaurant opened in 1976 on 2nd Street in Little Tokyo and was the first Japanese ramen noodle restaurant in the United States. Although one notices several other ramen establishments in the area, some of which insist that they were the first ramen restaurant in America, Koraku’s proprietor, Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, hastily sets the record straight whenever the question arises. Mr. Yamauchi, who arrived in the United States in 1976 to study English, spent only ten years in the United States before purchasing Koraku with a friend in 1986 and has been the proud owner ever since ...

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