Kentaro Kuwatsuka

Kentaro Kuwatsuka is an Associate Professor of Human Geography, Center for Migration Studies, University of the Ryukyus. He is interested in the movement of people between regions, as well as regional development. He has done research on the map of Japan and Okinawa that the U.S. Army created during World War II. For the Uchinanchu Taikai survey Kuwatsuka was responsible for collecting data and creating the database. Kuwatsuka was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan.

Updated March 2008

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Geographical Experiences of Uchinanchu’s Migrations Between the Birthplace and the Place of Residence

I. Introduction

Changing the place of residence will switch people to new social relations in their everyday life. Past experiences and memories, however, have not been wiped out and reflect on it cumulatively in the new place. These geographical experiences of migrants should be considered for unpacking the social dynamics of immigrant communities. Because, these people assumed the potential middle-person who can bridge the communities in their respective regions.

In the questionnaire survey concerning the fourth Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival; TAIKAI, the research group set the questions for the respondents about their birthplace and the currents place of residence. According to ...

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