George M. Koshi

George M. Koshi is a Millitary Intergent Service veteran who helped defend prisoners in the War Crimes Trials, and later helped reform the legal and judicial system of Japan after the war.

Updated 2005

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Contributions to the Allied Occupation Effort in Japan


During the period of the Occupation of Japan, I worked as an MIS member, and then as a civil servant, in three main areas:

1. The Washington Document Center
2. The War Crimes Trials
3. General Headquarters ・SCAP, Legal Section.

1. Washington Document Center, Tokyo

When World War II ended, I was stationed at Camp Ritchie in Maryland, working in the Pacific Military Intelligence Research Section (PACMIRS). Early in September 1945, a group of us PACMIRS boys found ourselves crowded around a list, posted on the bulletin board. There were three detachments of about twenty men each. Right at ...

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