Mayumi Kodani

Mayumi Kodani currently lives in Los Angeles where she works alternately as a writer and shopkeeper. She will begin an MA/PhD program in Tibetan Buddhism at UC Santa Barbara in the fall of 2009.

Updated April 2009

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Koden (and den and den and den)

“As for the matter of practicing the Dharma, there are rich people who consider themselves good devotees. They may give a hundred useful or useless things as alms, but only with the motive of getting back one thousand in return…Afraid they will not achieve their worldly aims, they try to do good; but since they are unable to renounce the desire for recognition, they are actually consuming poison with their food. Do not drink this poison of the desire for recognition. Abandon everything you call Dharma practice but which actually is directed toward glorifying the worldly life.”– Milarepa, 12th ...

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