Kim (Oikawa) Kobrle

Kim (Oikawa) Kobrle was born in 1927 in Murrayville, BC, and moved to East Richmond at age three, the region known as “Nakanoshiku” by the local Japanese. A childhood accident at age ten left her with physical limitations which led her to develop a love for poetry and prose. During the unsettling times of the second world war, her family moved New Denver, and Kim eventually went to Montreal to study nursing. After receiving her RN designation, she returned to the west coast, where she took a graduate course in Nursing Administration at UBC, and worked in New Westminster until her retirement. “Today, one can say, we live quietly, looking for fun and good times wherever and however we can.”

Updated July 2016

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The European Gentleman

Recently, we were seated on a bench at a shopping centre, waiting for a ride home when an attractive Asian girl sat beside us with her son in a stroller. Larry did his usual thing. He wiggled his fingers saying, “Hi” to the little fellow. He was rewarded with a smile and baby sounds—a most adorable boy! It was obvious his dad is Caucasian. She said, “You guys are cute. (Really? Two 88 and 91 year oldies cute?) How long have you been together and how did you meet?”

We’ve had these questions asked of us many, many ...

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