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Pat Kitano is the founder of the Domus Consulting Group , a consultancy that works with enterprises and associations to develop community engagement and social media strategies. Pat is the author of the popular media blog Media Transparent and real estate blog Transparent Real .

Updated December 2009

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American Burakumin – an untold story

This Thanksgiving, I broached a topic with my Japanese American cousins about a heritage issue they weren’t too familiar with.

Few Americans know that the Japanese historically has an underclass of untouchables similar to other Asian cultures like India. The “burakumin” are descendants of a feudal outcaste that worked in occupations handling dead bodies – butchers, leather workers – and considered unclean. They are indistinguishable in physical appearance from other Japanese, and live mostly in the western half of Japan. Even in Japan, it’s a hidden culture that makes for embarrassing public conversation, let alone media coverage. My wife who ...

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