Keiko Mary Kitagawa

Keiko Mary Kitagawa was born in 1934 on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Attended the University of Toronto, Trinity College and University of British Columbia's teacher training course after World War II and began teaching at a Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver. She has been active in projects and associations such as the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens Association Human Rights Committee and the Honouring Our People Conference and works to educate people on Japanese Canadian history.

Updated August 2011

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Looking for Japanese Canadian Students Who Were Registered at UBC for the winter session of 1941-42

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States signed Executive Order 9066 in 1942, he sent 110,000 innocent Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals to internment camps.

Similarly, when Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King invoked the War Measures Act, 22,000 innocent Japanese Canadians and Japanese national were moved a hundred miles east from the British Columbia coast to internment camps, prisoner of war camps, sugar beet fields on the prairies and to the road camps.

The seventy-six Japanese Canadian students enrolled at University of British Columbia (UBC) for the winter session of 1941-42 were not exempt ...

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