Aiko Kenmochi

Aiko Kenmochi (née Takahashi) was born in 1978 in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, in Central America. She had her early education at San Jose Japanese School and went to a local high school and college. After graduating from Central America stockbreeding school, she went to the University of Costa Rica, majored in stockbreeding in the agricultural department and dropped out. As a freelance she worked as a tour guide and an interpreter and moved to Japan in 2010 when she got married. She currently works as an admin staff in Tokyo. Her hobbies are reading, writing and forest bathing.

Updated August 2016

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Everyone is half and double

My name is Aiko. I was born to a Costa Rican mother and a Japanese father. People often ask me, “And your Spanish name is?” or “What’s your middle name?” but I always say “simplemente Aiko” (It’s simply Aiko.)

My mother was born in the heart of a mountain in Costa Rica, and when she saw an Asian man in a dance hall in a country town, she knew that she was going to marry that Chinito1. At that time she had not even seen the ocean, let alone other countries, and of course she knew almost ...

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