Hiroshi Kato

Hiroshi Kato was born and raised in Wailuku, Maui. He is a retired Dean of Windward Community College, University of Hawaii. In addition to his employment at the College, he taught at the secondary level in Sacramento, Guam, and in Japan. He is also a retired officer who served in the U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam.

Updated March 2016

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Wartime Wailuku: A Kid's Perspective

It must have been around 1944, because Maui seemed to be overrun by servicemen: soldiers, marines, and sailors of all different sizes, color, and behavior. Until the war, the only Haoles (Caucasians) we saw were the plantation managers, wealthy businessmen, and doctors. Seeing Haoles getting drunk and fighting amongst themselves was unbelievable at first. Weren’t they the special people who were all professionals of the highest caliber? These Haoles were different; they swore and were very friendly even with us kids. Were it not for the differences in physical appearance and regional accent, they could have easily been our ...

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