Sharon Inahara

Sharon Inahara, a Sansei, was born in Portland, Oregon, and attended the Claremont Colleges in southern California. With a degree in Fine Art, she exhibited as a solo artist in northern England. In San Francisco, she worked as a photo editor at Rolling Stone and Outside magazines. Later residing in Los Angeles and Hawaii, she worked as a photo stylist in advertising, retail and film. Now living in her beloved Portland, she styles for Nike and other sportswear clients, and paints in her free time. Sharon is very proud of Matt, her 18yr. old son, a freshman at University of Oregon.

Updated August 2011

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The Day We Left

Seven years ago, I moved back to Portland to be with my family. During this time, I was compelled to pursue painting on a large scale. As a Sansei (third generation Japanese), I became fascinated with my parents’ experiences during the events surrounding WWII and the incarceration of Japanese Americans. It is my own emotion that compels me to convey this material on behalf of the larger Japanese American community, and for my own family, legal American residents and loyal citizens who suffered at the hands of their own government.

When I was growing up in Portland, my mother spoke ...

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