Kunisuke Hirano

Kunisuke Hirano is a member of the Association for Immigration Studies, and a graduate student in Cultural Anthropology at The University of Tokyo. His research interest is minorities and community in society. He likes traveling, swimming, Kichijoji (a town in Tokyo) and going on vacation.

Updated November 2007

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How Japanese Americans saw Japan: The case from Issei to Sansei in Mainland U.S.

Cultural anthropologist, Ruth Benedict stated that, “The Japanese were the most alien enemy the United States had ever fought in an all-out struggle. In no other war with a major foe had it been necessary to take into account such exceedingly different habits of acting and thinking” in Chrysanthemum and Sword published during World War?. From this phrase, we can understand how Japanese and Americans were regarded as “different” during that era. In that atmosphere, there were people who left Japan for the United States and decided to live their life there. As time passed, they and their descendants became ...

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